About Telesana

Telesana is a private practice founded by Amelia G. Slama in Cleveland, OH. Amelia specializes in providing teletherapy services for neurodivergent adults who live in Ohio and Kentucky. As someone who was diagnosed as autistic in her late 20’s, she is passionate about creating spaces to support and empower other neurodivergent folks. Amelia is also passionate about supporting those who have experienced challenges related to trauma, anxiety, depression, Autism/ASD, ADHD, LGBTQIA+ related issues, gender and sexual/affectional minorities, all relationship structures, and interpersonal related issues.

Teletherapy is a specific way of providing therapy services through secure video, phone, and/or chat sessions. There are many benefits to teletherapy, including increasing access to services, reducing the need for transportation, increasing privacy, and reducing stigma about therapy. If you have access to a device with data or Wi-Fi and a camera, you can access our services from the comfort of your home.

Our Mission

Amelia believes that the practice of therapy needs to change to be more inclusive. To jump start these changes, she is dedicated to specific core values that guide her practice. First and most important, she believes that therapy is a non-judgmental space for healing. She believes that therapy needs to be centered around the neurodiversity paradigm. Therapy needs to respect our intersecting identities (gender, sexuality, relationships, race, ethnicity, ability, culture, religion, and more) and how these impact our experience with the world. Therapy needs to be individualized to each person, and should be affordable and easily accessible for all people. Lastly, therapy needs to go beyond our work in session to include advocacy, justice, and community support.

How to Get Started

Amelia currently has a waiting list. You can email Amelia at telesanaohio@outlook.com to learn more about services and request to be added to the waitlist.

Amelia Galier Slama

Amelia is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Ohio (E. 2001951) and Kentucky (273236), Nationally Certified Counselor (835010), and Board Certified – TeleMental Health Provider (2457).

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Crisis Support:

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis or emergency, you can contact these numbers for immediate assistance.

If your emergency is life or death, please call 9-1-1 immediately.

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